Cold Winter For Plants On the East Coast

Winter of 2015 is proving to be an especially difficult season for growers of trees and shrubs on the east coast.  A chilling winter with below average temperatures means it could be a light spring for many varieties of plants at local nurseries.  We spoke with a representative from The Tree Center, an online retailer of smaller plant material.  “We have had a tough time sourcing plant material this winter because many of the local growers have a lot of larger plant material but aren’t willing to take the risk on the smaller stuff.  These plants are essentially babies and don’t do well under these harsh conditions.”

Meanwhile, on the west coast large growers such as JRT Nursery in Oregon are supplying many east coast operations with plants this year.  “At the moment it’s quite nice out in Oregon and we are ready to ship.” states JRT.  “Most of our east coast nurseries don’t wan’t the plant material because it’s simply too cold for them to care for it unless they want to pay to heat their greenhouses.”


As a lover of plants myself I am curious to see what my local nursery has this season.