Ron Pauls Libertarian Views

Ron Paul has been long known to oppose a society that’s webbed by control schemes and a government that wages war against other nations while pursuing shady interests. Because of that, his political views have been dismissed as being too crude or even utopian at times.


Ron Paul’s libertarian political views have been a subject of debate on many political TV shows, especially when it comes to his opinion about the troops overseas, more specifically those in Afghanistan. Ron Paul has made it clear that the over $1 trillion that is spent every year for sending troops overseas can be very well invested in education and other branches that would help speed up the financial recovery and create more jobs for the unemployed.

Financial Stance

The Federal Reserve and Inflation The role of the Federal Reserve has been questioned by many analysts for many years and one of its biggest opposers has to be former Congressman Ron Paul. He argued that the Fed is only enslaving the US economy and taking control of the financial system for its own gains and shady purposes. The former politician has also spoken with former Chairman Ben Bernanke in an official debate about missing funds that amount to more than half a trillion dollars. He made it clear to the American people that the Federal Reserve has spent a lot of money in ways that cannot be accounted for. Many of Ron’s colleagues in the Congress are not too eager though to abolish the central bank and that is because it helps fund a lot of government activities. Paul condemns the FR and its role in the state, especially when it comes to creating monetary inflation. Because the Federal Reserve has a massive influence on the financial system, the former politician has attempted many times (without success) to introduce the Board Abolition Act which would allow the US to return to its original monetary system that the Founding Fathers have envisioned. Of course, that system would tie money to commodities, such as gold and silver.

Ron Paul’s View on the freedom of the Internet

The ACTA and PIPA have been one of the most daring attempts at regulating the internet and a clear message to every American that the government is trying to control them. This is a crude act of privacy and freedom violation according to Ron Paul who believes that the online world should be free from taxation and government regulation. He is also opposed to the network neutrality legislation and also to any online gambling restrictions.


Because of his views Ron has taken a lot of criticism from many people, including organizations such as CNET when it comes to his opinion about net neutrality. Ron defended his view saying that it’s parents who have the responsibility of protecting their children from any possible online threats.

Reduced market interference

In many of his speeches Ron has reinforced the fact he supports the defederalization of the healthcare system. He also said that the market process is something that should never be disrupted by any type of federal interference. Even more, Paul believes that the government shouldn’t intrude into people’s lives as much as it currently does and that is why when presented with the NDNCR act, he voted against it. If approved, the NDNCR act would prohibit telemarketers from calling people that have opted out of the program.

In one of his interviews with the press the former politician stated that he is in favor of ending the USPS’ political monopoly on first class mail delivery and the only way to do that is to legalize private competition. A very good example of his acuity of doing the right thing for the country was in 2008, when he advised against purchasing toxic debt during the economical crisis which would have meant the United States had to agree to a 700 billion dollars bailout proposal.

Social Security

Like many other Americans, Ron believes that Social Security is unconstitutional and therefore it should be phased out as soon as possible. Not only are funds depleting, but the system is also economically toxic and it will eventually collapse. What makes it worst is the fact that the Congress keeps borrowing money from Social Security on a yearly basis for funding its budget.

An active fighter against the current practices of the US government and its attempts to seize control over the rights of the American people and slowly enslave them, Ron Paul has made a name for himself in the US and worldwide thanks to his acute, smart and righteous political views. While he did win the support of many Americans, the huge mass media apparatus did its job in making sure that he won’t get into a position from where he can seize control of the United States and steer it in the right direction.