Social Media – Mainstream Media?

It used to be that the US mainstream media was the only source of information. That is not the case anymore. Social media platforms have led to the rise of the briefcase journalists who makes use of their mobile devices to capture the news, as it happens. However, that does not mean that the mainstream media has lost all influence on the way people see things. It is just that now, they have to work together with social media to do so, in a way that is still balanced and fair.

The fact is that somewhere down the line, mainstream media lost the ability to connect with people on the ground by themselves, which is why social media is so important to them. However, because social media and the rise in internet based journalism has brought the news to the masses, media companies have to work harder to convince the people that what they have to say is true and genuine. There has been a significant loss of trust, as mainstream media companies continue to take sides in the local US politics divide. Seldom has a nation been so divided along political and religious lines.

The smaller news media companies have had to sell out to the bigger ones. With a lot of money in advertisements moving online, it makes no sense to struggle against the inevitable. Because of this shift, the smaller and more independent media companies are becoming outdated. This leaves behind a few media giants to fight for the narrowing market. That is why the US mainstream media uses social media, to try to win back followers. After all, they have to send traffic to their online sites, which they need to have in order to have any chance in the news business at all.

While some people feel that mainstream media is dead, the fact is that it is still alive and well in the US. A few news companies, after all, control access to almost all sources of news and information available via TV and radio. What that also means is that dealing with these companies can be quite hectic, because they yield the power. They can make or break your reputation, and you would do well to remember that.

How to Deal With the Media Today

Members of the media yield the power not just over your reputation but also your emotions. If you come within their field of sight for any reason, then it is in your best interest to know how to deal with them.

· It is not personal. How many times have you ever heard people say that? While that may seem cliché, when it comes to the media, do apply that statement to your own life. If the media talks about you, then do not take it personally, especially if it is true. They are in the business of news making, which means that anyone of interest is game, within reason off course. Learn to develop a tough skin when they criticize you and you will do just fine.

· The media is regulated but not under your control. Unless you are a media-owning tycoon, then you cannot control what people say about your life if it is true. The US takes very seriously, the rights of journalists to print and say what they need to within reason. Just because you do not want to be a subject of expose, does not mean that you will get your wish. Considering how other countries are faring, when it comes to the rights of journalists, you should be proud of the US media policies even when you resent the heck out of them. That freedom that guarantees them the right to ask you awkward questions also enables you to access fairly truthful news

· Be polite, even if it kills you. You need to avoid being rude to the media. Give them something and they will soon enough, leave you alone. Being rude and shifty will only make the journalists suspicious and more stubborn. They will continue digging, until they find some dirt on you.

· Do you know who I am? Never ask that kind of question to the media. They do not care how rich you are or how powerful. Trying to intimidate or bully them is likely to get you into more problems. A lawsuit against you will be coming along shortly!

The Bottom Line

The mainstream media is where it is today because its owners have learned to survive in the business. If you do the right things, and keep your head, you should have no problems dealing with its members.